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Vivian Callegaro
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Yoga Teacher Training, Corporate Wellbeing & Coaching Skills Training


Vivian is a Masters  in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, experienced Coach and Senior Yoga Teacher and Trainer who  provides specialized Yoga Teacher Training, Coaching skills Training and Corporate wellbeing frameworks to optimize workforce productivity.



Vivian delivers a specialized Yoga style which combines pre-classic Indu Yoga Techniques  (Mudra, Puja, Asanas, Pranayama, Yoganidra and Meditation) with Neuroepigenetics and Positive Psychology principles. 
She masters both principles of Neuroepigenetics and Positive Psychology which she applies in her  classes, courses, coaching and corporate frameworks, empowering students, leaders and their workforce to become more resilient, productive and happier. 

Vivian facilitates conditions for people to get better and better, every day, in every way!

Vivian is a Senior Yoga Teacher with 25 years of experiece teaching her style in competitive venues in London. She has a BSc in Medical Physiology and a MSc  in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She has worked as a Health and Wellbeing Coach for NHS. Her school is accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. 


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Tecla Zanin
Fanny Chintu
Flaviana Kupczyk


"I did my yoga teacher training with Vivian, over 2 years ago. Vivians knowledge of yoga is immense, how she combines her knowledge of the body, the mind, the spirit, quantum physics, biology and anatomy is completely unique..."
Alex Michael
Yoga Teacher
"Vivian has a beautiful gift to see potential in others that they don't see in themselves and unlocking it. I first did my teacher training course with her in 2017 and now my yoga journey has grown that I now teach weekly online..."
Runa De Felice
Yoga Teacher and Architect
I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Vivian in 2019 and would highly recommend her. She is a living embodiment of her teachings. She has been committed to the yogini path for over two decades...”
Meggy Belovski, MAPPCP
Personal Growth Coach, Yoga Instructor and Author